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D. Didier

Danièle Didier grew up in Paris surrounded by an artistic environment : artist-painter father and actress mother.
At a very early age, she became passionate about arts in general and dance in particular, participating in many shows.
Then, she studied History of art at the Louvre School.
Through painting, she feels colors and associates them with energies and universal messages they express.
In connection with that, she wrote and published in 1996 her first book Initiatic Tarot of the Masters.
Many literary works on sciences and energies followed : Pile side, front side: treaty on energetic sciences (1998); Tellurology (2002); Feng Shui of Present Time (2004).
Universal archetypes inspired her to create Danse des Archétypes (2015) and founding her own dance company Archetypes Company. Based in Montreux, Danièle created a show Birth of the Universe and Archetypes which have been represented at Théâtre du Peuple in Belfort, France and at Théâtre du Gymnase in Paris, on charity evenings.
Artist-painter, she illustrated her own tarot cards: The Universal Tarot of Masters (2014) and Archetypes Tarot (2017) and participated in diverse solo shows.
On Universal Laws and Great Traditions (2016), she linked all religions’ foundations.
In 2018, Logbook of a Spiritual Journey, an autobiographical literary work that relates first part of her life, she tells in a very open manner her wonderful trips and spiritual experiences that drove her to write about energies and spirituality.
Since 2017, Danièle Didier is a member of Société des Gens de Lettres.