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30 Feng Shui rites

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This book offers a series of Feng Shui rituals whose end is to carry another look on your living space and to nourish the understanding of what connects Humankind to their environment. It’s a way to progressively master the meaning carried into everyday gestures which drive living each moment in consciousness.


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A first part will be devoted to rites in relationship with Tellurology ®. The second will be devoted to the rites.

The discussed rites: Bringing Order – Lighting a Candle – Meditation – Contemplation – Initiating a Project – Coming Home – Leaving Home – Waking Up – Purifying the Air – Taking Care of An Animal – Setting the Water Element – Hands Under Water – Creating a Bouquet – Taking a Shower – Watering a Plant – Making a Fruit Bowl – Setting the Table – Sharing a Meal – Conviviality at the Table – Planting into the Ground – Bringing a Child to Sleep – Preparing to Write – Preparing to Read – Sleeping – Taking a Bath – Harmonizing the Place with Semi-Precious Stones – Tea Ceremony – Taking Care of the Elderly – Re-Creating Harmony In a Couple – Goodnight Kiss.

You will discover semi-precious stones in correspondence with each Feng Shui animal and will use them with the energetic translator in the rite “Harmonizing the Place.”

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