Tarot Mágico de las Plantas TMP (el Juego)
Tarot Mágico de las Plantas TMP (el Juego)
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Magic Tarot of Plants (Deck)

26-Card Colored Deck

The Magic Tarot of Plants deck allows to make original divinatory card drawings and an introspective work. It addresses all those who practice the art of tarot to feel the harmony of the plant kingdom within them and its magic.


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The decks is composed of 26 cards.
Each card represents a flower, plant, tree or root with its real image, symbolic representation, esoteric mandala, message, and finally its corresponding letter and number on the tellurological wheel.
An explanatory note accompanies the deck with a presentation of each card, its keywords and its divinatory interpretation, following the tellurological wheel and its card drawings.

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octobre 2006

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D. Didier


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