D. Didier invites you to a meditation: “an art, key of resonance where the lyrics and the music come together, to conjoin and interpenetrate to open new doors to inner evolution and profound joy”

La Colmiane

Original Idea from D. Didier

Actualization: René Gauchi

Original Music: Serge Abramowicz

Discover the mountainous Colmiane as you never have seen it!

Only an hour from Nice, this mountain, unique by its flora and fauna, emanates another time and unveils its magic, sacred, and secret places.

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Meditation Technique and Practice english CD

Auteurs :
Textes D. Didier
Musique Originale de Timothée Bonomo
Cette méthode pratique et originale par les sons, la musique et les chants permet de révéler et de rééquilibrer son potentiel à son maximum. Les chants transportent et ouvrent de nouveaux espaces intérieurs.

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Meditation Technique and Practice mp3

Text D. Didier

Original Music Timothée Bonomo

This practical and original method through sounds, music and songs allows to revel and re-balance your potential to its maximum. The songs transport and open new inner spaces.

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Meditation technique and practice on the pyramid of Cheops (english version)


Text: D. Didier

Original Music: Timothée Bonomo

This meditation invites you to discover and climb the 12 steps of the Pyramid of Cheops. Each step illuminates a new space of consciousness where resonates a sacred music from the pyramid and opens you into transcendence.

Complete guided meditation with an instrumental version and an Eternal Source track.

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