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Dance of Archetypes

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Book and DVD

Dance of the Archetypes is a dance of interior vibratory elevation that allows to find again the archetypal essence present in us all in its purest corporeal expression.


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It consists of incarnating the energy of each animal of the Tellurological wheel. It allows the dancer to evacuate all their energetic blocks and give them again their primal identity.

For the course, stages and performance, visit:

In this book, you will find:
– Presentation of a universal archetype.
– The weft.
– Tellurological Wheel.
– Elements on the Tellurological Wheel.
– Animals on the Tellurological Wheel.
– Use of the gaze in the dance of the archetypes.
– Presentation of the hand and fingers.
– Hands, wrists, shoulders, elbows, feet and knees.
– Photos of dancers incarnating each animal.

– Des photos des danseurs incarnant chacun un animal.

In the DVD, you will find:
– Choreography performed by 6 dancers.
– Excerpt from a course of Dance of the Archetypes.
– An improvised dance.

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January 2016

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D. Didier


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