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King Tree

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Astronomy. Astrology. Tellurology. Heliology.

Have you heard of a tree that dialogues with the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, the planets and stars, and a scientist coming to meditate under its branches?

A fiction novel? Only if you can imagine it!

Thanks to its subtle plant essence, the king tree has developed a universal consciousness enriched by its contacts and environment.

I invite you to take a voyage beyond reality, into another dimension where the tree is the central character allowing to have a new vision over the world and universe.

Through these conversations, the Noyer notably shares its discoveries on Heliology, the science of suns, connecting the human to its original source in the creation.

Humanity is not the center of the world. Its presence is however indispensable, its function being to evolve consciousness, to recognize the unique creation and to develop spirituality on Earth. In the future, people will continue this mission on other planets. This work is a teaching treasure for science and energies.


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D. Didier


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