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Sensorial Nutrition by the senses and the savours

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Sensorial Nutrition is an innovative and unique method that gives all the keys on satiety so to find your right weight and be in top form.

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This simple and lucid method will allow you to change your view over the manner and pleasure in that you nourish yourself, always boosting your form and keeping good health.

With it, you will end all constraining “yo-yo” diets and you will find your right weight by adopting the notion that pleasure that should be present in each of your meals. You will learn to activate satiety by the gustative pleasure to develop the sense of taste and to deprogram addictions and unpalatable foods.

This method is adapted for all, no matter their age.

Numerous sensorial exercises are offered to you so that you can acquire this practice.

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October 2012

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Abigaelle Lacombe-Didier,

Didier Delrieux


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